The Club holds several membership meetings each year.  They are a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the breed and socialize with other Vizsla owners.  The club also sponsors various events during the year ranging from formal competitions to educational clinics.  We encourage new members to come out and learn the types of things a Vizsla can do.  They are extremely versatile dogs and excel in many areas.  The purpose of our events is not only to compete, develop and enjoy our dogs but also to have lots of fun along the way.  Listed below are the type of events that are normally held each year:


Specialty Show:  AKC competition for conformation and obedience.  Dogs earn points towards AKC Championship and Obedience titles.  Dogs are judged against the Vizsla standard and placements given.  The club supplies trophies.  There is also a puppy and veteran sweepstakes.  A hospitality lunch and raffle is held.


Field Trial:  AKC competition for the titles of Field Champion and Amateur Field Champion.  Dogs can be entered at various levels of age and/or experience.  Dogs are judged on their Field/Hunting ability.  They compete against each other and placements are given.  Trophies are provided.


Hunting Test: AKC competition for the titles of Junior, Senior and Master Hunter.  Dogs are judged on their hunting ability and do not compete against each other for placements.  Qualifying scores are awarded toward the three titles listed above.


Fun Day: Our annual Field Clinic and club picnic.  It is a wonderful opportunity to learn what is expected in fieldwork and practice with your dogs.  In the past, this event has been very popular with new members and puppies.  It provides a day of fun and learning. 


Christmas Party: Our special Holiday party to socialize and have fun.  A Chinese Auction takes place that is always a big hit.

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